Practice The Fundamentals of Family Recovery

This is what family recovery is all about. Unhook from the beliefs, patterns, messaging, stigma and language that perpetuates disconnection and isolation, the key ingredients of mental health conditions including addiction. Practice the fundamentals of recovery in your family and create the conditions where recovery, peace and harmony flourish. We can do this together. 

Start Family Recovery Now

Recovery Is Probable

There are millions of individuals and families in recovery from substance use disorder and mental health conditions. There is plenty of evidence that recovery programs and practices work. When you practice recovery, recovery is contagious. 

You Have The Power

Believe that you have the power to effect change, to heal, to create an environment where recovery flourishes because you do. You are powerful beyond measure. 

Your Love Is Strong Enough

Love is the most powerful force on earth. There is plenty of evidence that love is what saves people and the loving response is always the right response. 

Connection Is Medicine

We believe the medicine for addiction is connection. Fostering a sense of love, acceptance, empathy and belonging creates an environment where the seeds of health and wellbeing can be planted and nurtured. 

Kindness Works

The surest way to connect with another is through kindness. Kindness works magic on hurting humans. It opens up communication and creates an atmosphere of safety & fosters connection. 

We Are Together

Disconnection and isolation fuel addiction. Connection and community fuel recovery. Together can be two people, a family, a community or a group. Recovery works flourishes when we are together.

Relationship Matters

The quality of your relationship has profound impact on influencing proper care, connection and harmony in your family. You are responsible for the quality of your relationships. 

Words Matter

Language matters. Always use compassionate speech and a loving tone. Avoid shaming and stigmatizing words always. Speak love and life over your family and love and life is what they will hear. 

Families Are Naturally Resilient

Families are historically strong. What are your family strengths? What challenges have you faced with tenacity, perseverance, love, togetherness? Lean into your natural resilience and family strengths to get to see your family through to recovery. 

One Person Can Be An Agent of Change

It only takes one person to cause a ripple effect of well being, peace and calm. One healthy plant to change an ecosystem. One person to activate healing and recovery. That person can be you. 

The Are Many Paths to Family Recovery

Just as there are many paths to recovery for individuals, there are many ways to access recovery for families. The most important thing is to get help that works, that makes you feel supported, nourished, loved and connected. 

There Is Something You Can Do

You can be an agent of change, you can intervene, you can communicate, you can do something to shift your family into recovery. Gone are the days where "there is nothing you can do" or "you have to wait" for someone to "want recovery" or "hit rock bottom." 

Start Practicing Recovery Now

We are holding the space for your family healing, education, restoration, wellbeing and ultimate recovery.


Welcome To The Family

We are so glad you are here. Stay connected and let's recover together.