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Recovery is full of triumphant stories.

We are both mothers of young adults in recovery. We are also family members in recovery from the impact of addiction. 

For us, it started with gathering information as we were navigating substance use/addiction in our family, what was working, what wasn’t working, what we believed vs what we were being told, what we were feeling, what we were learning. 

The recovery community began to show us its power which gave us strength, knowledge, solutions and the belief that recovery was not only possible but probable. Shelly was invited to a Family Education Meeting in Richmond, VA where professionals, providers and sometimes families in recovery came and gave presentations on topics relevant to families and the impact on families. Everyone left with actionable solutions, a feeling of connection and better understanding of how to help the person you love and yourself. It was exactly what she was searching for. 

 While in our own healing process, we discovered how deeply we'd been impacted by active addiction in our families. By beginning the healing and recovery process as mothers, then diligently following guidance, unhooking from the patterns and responses that were keeping us from peace and wellbeing and by devoting to whole family recovery, we were able to change the way addiction was treated in our family and create an environment that supported recovery for our loved one and all of us, really. 

We feel that the millions of families struggling need far more support, guidance, care and easy access to recovery and what I’ve been privileged to learn, practice and experience as a mother of a young person in recovery and a recovered family.

After attending the ARHE (Association for Recovery in Higher Education) ARS (Association for Recovery Schools) Conference, we felt called to create something as abundant, educational, informational, connected and easily accessible for families.  We are  big believers in the “meet them where they are” philosophy.  We felt an online platform would be the most efficient way to reach the most families and share Family Recovery far and wide with The Presentations much like that Family Education Program found in Richmond, VA. 

Pam and Shelly connected with a common goal, to help families impacted by addiction. We partnered up and got to work on our mission to empower and heal families by uplifting, amplifying, sharing, teaching and guiding Family Recovery . We went from one 30 day virtual event to this online learning platform in just 9 months with many ways to engage in the learning, healing and practice of recovery like Family Recovery 101 The Free 10 Day Detox, The Presentations, online courses and personal family recovery coaching. 

We are so glad you are here. Let's recover together. 

Your return to family well being, peace and good health starts now. 

Much Love, 

Shelly Young & Pam Lanhart

Founders and Hosts of FamilyRx

(formerly The Family Recovery Conference)


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