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Recovery for Families

Revolutionary online programs and recovery coaching providing healing medicine for families impacted by substance use and mental health conditions. 

Where knowledge, kindness and connection are your super powers. 



FamilyRx 10 Day Detox for Families


A Free Program delivered right to your inbox for 10 days to help you unhook from the top ten things that fuel addiction and contribute to isolation, disconnection, chaos and suffering in your family. Together we can restore balance and peace to you and your family with evidence based practices, kindness and connection. 


FamilyRx Presentations



Peers, Professionals, Thought Leaders and Recovery Pioneers sharing video education, actionable solutions and guidance for whole family recovery. Access anytime, anywhere on any device. Learn how to influence wellbeing, create an environment that supports recovery and recover from the impact of addiction.  


Family Recovery Coaching & Resources

Our Presentations are created by peers and professionals. Many of our speakers work with families privately, host online and in person family groups and have clinical practices that serve families.You can reach out to our speakers for more information about what they offer.  Learn more about addiction, recovery and the compassionate responses & practices that foster peace, wellbeing and healing for yourself and your family. 


You Have The Power

You have the power to foster healing, proper care, peace and harmony in your family. You have the power of choice. The power of love, kindness, connection and empathy will bring healing to your family. We will show you how. We will empower you with evidence based practices, compassionate responses, tools and skills for restoring your family to balance and creating an environment that supports recovery. 

Recovery Is Possible 

We can heal together. There are many ways for loved ones and family members to get help, heal, reconnect and restore the natural bonds. We are here to infuse you and your family with love, hope and healing medicine. We will help you use your family strengths to influence health and wellness. 

There IS Something You Can Do

Actually there are lots of things that you can do to foster recovery in your family. We are here to teach you how. You'll learn clear actionable steps for proper care and an easy to follow program and practices for family recovery. Orienting you to all of the stages from early detection of use through sustained recovery. 

You Can Heal Your Family

You don't have to suffer any longer, wait for healing to begin or get your loved one, yourself and your family proper care. There IS something you can do and you can start right now. We are here. We are together. Together we can recover.

"When faced with finding quality information about recovery, it's easy to become overwhelmed. FamilyRx was able to provide straightforward content that I could watch as many times as I needed. I wanted to be an advocate for my loved ones, but didn't have the knowledge or skills needed to help them make the most informed decisions for their recovery options. And while I wanted to be their advocate, I learned I also needed to be my own. Having resources available that not only helps me help them, but also helps me help ME, is invaluable as we continue along this journey together. I've already registered for the next series of presentations. I encourage you to do the same. "

Christy, Mother

"In the early years of my family’s journey with our loved one through mental health and substance use issues, it was my belief that my child’s decisions were more about her will and desire, and that she was the only one who needed to change. I was so wrong! As a result of signing up for the very first Family Rx season, and subsequently the whole year, our entire family has changed and grown closer. From learning about the neuroscience of addiction and the effects of trauma, to changing the language we use and how we listen to each other, to realizing there is no one right way of recovery and that my child’s personal motivations are important to understand and consider, to the overarching desire to keep a relationship with my child and for her to know that she is loved unconditionally, whether or not she is in recovery, FamilyRx has been a lifeline for all of us. I look forward to continuing to educate myself and my family about recovery, as well as a support group that I facilitate in my community, and would highly encourage anyone, no matter how long their journey has been going on, to join. It has made such a positive difference and I am so very grateful for this invaluable resource!! "

Beth D.
Mother & Team Member, Hope For Hurting Parents

"Because of our son’s heroin addiction which came to a head his senior year in high school and my husband’s PTSD, I always had trouble with effective communication/being able to stop the yelling in our household. With Family Rx, I learned better techniques for creating peace in my family and helping our loved one get better, and it's improved our family life immensely. Family Rx provides science and evidence-based tools that have helped me, even as only one family member, to improve our family life, and remain connected rather than disconnected. Family Rx provides a myriad of perspectives, so you get to learn ideas from those who have a substance use disorder, from family members/parents, from clinicians, from siblings. I believe that recovery does not have a “one-size-fits-all” solution and the Family Rx speakers demonstrate that. By offering speakers from many different backgrounds, I have been able to pick up a great idea here, then there to help my unique family and loved one’s situation. Learning the neuroscience behind addictive behaviors and strategies to help motivate change are critical elements to balancing the difficult/challenging roller coaster journey of having a loved one who has substance use disorder. Learning to meet someone where they are is a skill that I can use to improve my relationship not only with my loved one who suffers from substance use disorder but also with myself, my husband and other extended family members. The vast array of resources available within Family Rx helped me gain confidence to keep striving towards change, even if it feels change is happening at the pace of moving an iceberg. Recovery is not an “event,” but a lifelong journey and Family Rx helps increase my strength and resolve to keep going forward for the betterment of all members of my family."

Joy R.

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