The FamilyRx Presentations 

On demand video education and guidance for families impacted by addiction and mental health conditions. Learn from peers and professionals how to heal addiction, restore your family to harmony and support recovery for your loved one with a compassionate response, actionable solutions and evidence based best practices. 

  • We can do this together. A compassionate, connected, evidence based response from involved, educated and well supported family members is highly effective in influencing proper care.
  • Recovery is possible. There are many ways to recover and families need recovery too.
  • Restore Your Power. Unhook from powerlessness, frantic fixing, disconnection, desperation, isolation.
  • Family Recovery On Demand. Watch or Listen Anywhere. Anytime. On any device. 


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Our Top 10 Most Watched Episodes

Essentials for Family Recovery

  • The Neuroscience of Addiction: Implications for Individuals & Families with Dr. Crystal Collier
  • 10 Things Your Loved One Wishes You Knew About Substance Use Disorder (But would never tell you) with Tom Bannard
  • Uncovering Shame and The Process of Recovery with Marc Pimsler
  • Reconstructing The Family In Recovery with Sam Bierman
  • From Sibling Rivalry to Sibling Recovery with Laurie Healy
  • Trusting Your Love Is Enough with Dave Cooke
  • Stepping Out of The Cycle of Chaos with Pam Lanhart
  • How To Intervene When Someone You Love is Struggling with Shelly Young
  • From Protection to Connection: What Addiction Teaches Us About Love and Bonding with Michelle Bonsignore
  • Communication Strategies for Helping Us be Our Loved Ones Best Chance For Beginning Recovery with Andrea Arlington

Innovators, Pioneers, Change Makers, Peers & Professionals

Introducing The FamilyRx Presenter Line-Up

Shelly Young

Founder of FamilyRx & The Family Recovery Conference

Certified Family Recovery Coach


Pam Lanhart

Founder of FamilyRx & Thrive Family Support

Certified Family Recovery Coach

David Cooke

Author, The Addicted Child: A Parent’s Guide

Business Strategist & Executive Coach

*New Talk

Beverly Buncher

Founder of The BALM Method of Family Recovery

Author,  BALM: The Loving Path To Recovery


Andrea Arlington, ICF, PCC

Life Coach Specializing in Recovery & Relationships

Founder, Families United for Recovery

*New Speaker

Dr. Crystal Collier, PhD, LPC-S

Therapist, Researcher, Educator 

Murphy-Petersen Behavioral Health Fellow


Kenneth Carpenter, PhD

Director of Training

Center For Motivation & Change

*New Speaker

Tom Bannard, CADC, MBA

Program Coordinator

Rams In Recovery



Randy Anderson

Randy Anderson, BA, LADC

Recovery & Criminal Justice Reform Advocate

Bold North Recovery and Consulting

*New Speaker 

Katie Donovan


A Mother's Addiction Journey

*New Talk

Ryan Salter, LCSW

Chief Executive Officer 

Ascend Recovery

*New Speaker

Omar Pinto, NLP Practitioner, CPRS

Addiction Recovery Specialist

Founder, Omar Pinto Coaching

The Recovery Revolution Podcast

*New Speaker

Mark Crandall, LMSW, LCDC

Clinical Interventionist Motivational Speaker Author

*New Speaker

Donna Spakes

Parent of A Loved One In Recovery

Love Works, The Effectiveness of A Compassionate Response. 

*New Storyteller

Tom Moore

Recovery Advocate, Ally and Parent of A Loved One In Recovery Raising His Grandchild

*New Storyteller 

Jen Lemen

Creator of The Path of Devotion

Stay At Home Recovery 

Support for Emerging Adults + Spiritual Practices for Sober Thinking

*New Speaker

Jen Lemen

Creator of The Path of Devotion

Stay At Home Recovery 

Support for Emerging Adults + Spiritual Practices for Sober Thinking

*New Speaker

Marc Pimsler, MA, MAC, CCS, CYT, RRT-P

Chief Clinical Officer 

MVP Consulting

Laurie Healy

Family Recovery Advocate

From Sibling Rivalry to Sibling Recovery

Kristine DeJesus, PhD.


The Wellness Cooperative


Ryan Hampton


Founder, The Voices Project

Author, American Fix



Kris Kelly, CPRS

State Project Manager, MN

Great Lakes ATTC, MHTTC and PTTC


Sam Bierman, CAP, ICADC, IC&RC

Executive Director

Maryland Addiction Recovery Center

Beck Gee Cohen, M.A., LADC

Director LGBTQ+ Programming

Visions Adolescent Treatment Center

Keith Murphy, LPC, LCADC

Rutgers University

Lauryn & Keegan Wicks

Recovery Advocates

The Rase Project

Partnership for Drug Free Kids

Faces & Voices of Recovery


Robert Ashford, MSW

Graduate Research Assistant

Substance Use Disorder Institute


Patty McCarthy Metcalf

Executive Director

Faces and Voices of Recovery


Lynn Kelly, B.S. Ed; M.S. Ed, CPRS

Family Recovery Coach

Recovery Community Ally and Advocate


Tim Rabolt

Executive Director

Association of Recovery in Higher Education



Thomas Guerra


Panthers for Recovery Florida International University


Katie Donovan


A Mother's Addiction Journey

Family Recovery Coach



Cathy Taughinbaugh, ICF-ACC

Parent Coach


Honesty Liller

Chief Executive Director

McShin Foundation


Andrew Burki, MSW

Chief Public Policy Officer

Hanley Foundation


Maureen Cavanaugh, MPA, M.Ed

Author, If You Love Me

Founder, Magnolia New Beginnings


Dr. Jan Brown, MSW

Executive Director

SpiritWorks Foundation Center for the Soul


Oriana Murphy, LCSW, LPC, LCADC

The Haven At College 


Michael Durschlag, B.A. M.A.T


P.E.A.S.E. Academy


Holly Cook, LPC-MHSP

Director of Program Development

Integrative Life Center


Holly Daniels, PhD, LMFT

Private practice clinician specializing in trauma, substance use and eating disorders

Morgan Garon

Financial Recovery Counselor and Wealth Empowerment Coach



Director of Pastoral Care and Recovery Coach

The Refuge Center of Houston


Amanda H. Young

President and Co-Founder

Clean Up Your Energy


Kristen K. Harber, M.S. Ed

Founder and CEO

Recovery Cube, LLC


Lynne Pedersen

Founder of ONE Recovery

Denise Mariano

Partnership for Drug-Free Kids, Family Ambassador
Parent Support Network, Peer Supports/Coach Mentor

Fred Muench, PhD.

Chief Executive Officer 

Partnership for Drug-Free Kids with Center on Addiction

Medicine For Family Healing 

FamilyRx is creating revolutionary programs for whole family recovery. We are so glad you're here. Your return to peace, joy and harmony starts now. 


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